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A rule may call for an object to be placed and then 'scattered'. To do so:

  1. Place the object on the battlefield, as instructed by the rule. Roll a Scatter dice to determine a direction, and any other dice required by the rule to determine a distance (in inches).

  2. If a 'Hit!' is rolled on the Scatter dice, the object does not move – leave it in place and resolve the rest of the rule.

  3. If an arrow is rolled, move the object the distance (in inches) indicated by the roll of the other dice in the direction indicated, ignoring intervening terrain, units, etc., unless the rule states otherwise. With the object's final position determined, resolve the rest of the rule.

Fig 95.1 - The Scatter dice shows a Hit, so the Blast template does not move - the D6 roll is ignored.
Fig 95.2 - The Scatter dice shows an arrow, so the Blast template is moved in that direction the distance shown on the D6.

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