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Linked Battles
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A battle is rarely an isolated event, but instead a single climactic confrontation fought as part of a wider conflict. By linking a series of battles together, it is possible to string a few evenings' worth of games into an ongoing and interconnected narrative that unfolds into a saga worthy of entering the annals of Warhammer history.

The idea of linking games together is that the outcome of one battle directly affects the events of the next, making for tactically challenging battles with an exciting and unfolding story. Such linked games encourage players to rethink strategies and consider the big picture of their ongoing battles. It becomes possible to lose a battle, but win the war by keeping the ultimate victory in mind.

The games create a natural story arc, and before long the players will have great grudges to settle and vows of redemption to honour. In addition to exploring the narrative elements, it allows for an occasional change of pace as players can use smaller or larger forces than they habitually do and explore different scenarios.

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