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The Combat Phase Sequence
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As usual, the Combat phase is broken down into four sub-phases. This sequence is followed in full for each combat, one at a time.

The active player simply chooses a 'combat' and both players complete all four sub-phases in the order shown below. Once this sequence has been completed for the chosen combat, that 'round' of combat is complete and the active player chooses another combat, repeating the process until all combats have been fought.

  1. Choose & Fight Combat
    The active player chooses a combat and, starting with the models with the highest Initiative, attacks are made, wounds inflicted and casualties removed. Then, surviving models with lower Initiative repeat this process until all models involved in the combat have fought.

  2. Calculate Combat Result
    With the fighting done, work out which side has won the combat and by how much. Unless the combat is a stalemate, one side will have lost by 1, 2 or more 'combat result' points.

  3. Break Test
    Each unit on the losing side of a combat must make a Break test. The outcome of this test determines whether the losing unit Gives Ground, Falls Back in Good Order or turns tail and flees.

  4. Follow Up & Pursuit
    Units on the winning side of a combat can choose to follow up an enemy that Gives Ground, to pursue an enemy that Falls Back in Good Order or breaks, or to restrain from pursuit.

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