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Troop Type Tables
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Each of the following categories is accompanied by a table containing a summary of the important information needed for that troop type:

Models Per Rank

This is the minimum number required to claim a Rank Bonus. Ranks can contain more models or fewer models, as you wish, but in order for a rank to count towards Rank Bonus, it must contain at least this many models.

Maximum Rank Bonus

This is the maximum Rank Bonus a unit can claim. In some cases this can be increased by special rules and other effects.

Unit Strength

Sometimes, you may be required to work out the 'Unit Strength' of a unit. There are a number of reasons you might need to know this, for example, to determine if one of your units is outnumbered by an enemy, and if they are, by how much. Simply counting the number of models does not account for the sheer power and destructive ability of large and ferocious creatures. Unit Strength represents this well.

To determine Unit Strength, simply count the number of models currently in the unit and multiply this by the Unit Strength per model as shown on the Troop Type table.

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