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Each category of a composition list is accompanied by a percentage. This is the percentage of points that you either can or must spend on units drawn from that category. In the case of Grand Army composition lists, these percentages are quite uniform. For example:

  • Characters (up to 50%)

  • Core (at least 25%)

  • Special (up to 50%)

  • Rare (up to 25%)

  • Mercenaries (up to 20%)

  • Allies (up to 25% may be spent on a single allied contingent)

This means that, in a 2,000 point army, you would have to spend a minimum of 500 points (25% of 2,000 points) on Core units. By contrast, the most you could spend on Special units would be 1,000 points (50% of 2,000 points).

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