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Erected along roads and rivers, on the borders between provinces and the outskirts of towns and forests, solitary towers are a common sight in the Old World. They exist for many reasons; some may be watchtowers, built for defence; others may be Wizards' towers, erected for seclusion. Still others may be the derelict remains of forgotten forts or keeps.

Controlling A Tower

A tower is a building (impassable terrain) that can be occupied by a unit whose troop type is infantry and which has a Unit Strength of 10 or less, or by a character model whose troop type is infantry. A tower is controlled by a unit that occupies it.


Protected by tall walls and steep stairways, a unit that occupies a tower can only be charged by an enemy unit or character model whose troop type is infantry, or by an enemy unit with the Fly (X) special rule.

When an enemy unit charges a unit within a tower, it charges the feature itself rather than the model(s) within it. Whilst engaged in combat, both units are considered to be in Skirmish formation (regardless of their actual formation). However, due to the close confines of the tower, only five models from either unit can join the fighting rank.

Panoramic Views

A tower is an elevated position that grants those occupying it uninterrupted views across the battlefield. However, the top of a tower can be seen from far and wide. To represent this, a unit that occupies a tower can draw a line of sight across or through other units or models. However, other units can draw a line of sight to a unit that occupies a tower across or through other units or models.

Duck & Cover

A unit that flees whilst occupying a tower does not move. The unit counts as fleeing and must rally as normal but, rather than run away, will seek cover in the safety of the walls.

In combat, a unit occupying a tower will not Give Ground or Fall Back in Good Order. Instead, the unit holds its ground and the combat continues. Should a unit occupying a tower Break and flee from combat, it is completely destroyed and removed from play.

Huddled Together

Should a tower ever be hit by a template, every model currently occupying it is considered to be underneath the template and risks being hit. However, due to the protection offered by the walls of the feature, they are hit on a D6 roll of 5+, rather than the usual 4+.


Should a tower ever be hit by a cannon whilst occupied, the unit within it suffers D3 Strength 4 hits, each with an AP of -1, as stones and shrapnel explode from the structure. The cannonball then stops immediately.

Victory Points

Controlling an important landmark is a significant achievement. To represent this, if either player controls this special feature at the end of the battle, that player is awarded a bonus of 100 Victory Points.

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