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Fighting on Multiple Fronts
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If engaged with enemy units in more than one of its arcs, as shown in Fig 147.2, a unit will have more than one fighting rank. For example, if a unit is engaged to both its front and a flank, both its front rank and the file of models engaged in the flank will be a fighting rank.

If a model is within more than one fighting rank it must, if possible, direct its attacks against an enemy it is in base contact with, as the player chooses. If the model is not in base contact with any enemy, it must direct its attacks against the closest enemy unit. If two enemy units are equally close, the player can choose which one the model attacks.

Fig 147.2 - Unit A has two fighting ranks: one shaded red, the other shaded blue. The model on the corner (shaded purple) is in both fighting ranks and in base contact with both enemy units. It may choose which enemy unit to direct its attacks against.

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