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The Shooting Phase Sequence
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Just like the other phases of the game, the Shooting phase is broken down into four sub-phases. However, unlike the Strategy and Movement phases, the Shooting phase sequence is followed in full for each unit, one at a time.

Simply choose a unit in your army, then complete all four sub-phases for that unit in the order shown opposite. You may then choose another unit, repeating the process until all units have had a chance to shoot or cast spells.

  1. Choose Unit & Declare Target
    The active player chooses a unit in their army that is able to shoot. They then check the unit's range and line of sight to any potential targets before declaring its target.

  2. Roll To Hit
    The active player rolls To Hit for the shooting unit. Sometimes, not all models will be able to shoot, and of those that can, certain modifiers may need to be applied to their roll To Hit.

  3. Roll To Wound & Make Armour Saves
    For each successful roll To Hit, the player makes a roll To Wound. For each of these rolls that cause a wound, their opponent may be able to make an Armour Save roll.

  4. Remove Casualties & Make Panic Tests
    For each unsaved wound caused, the target unit loses one Wound. Models reduced to zero Wounds are removed as casualties. If enough casualties are caused, the unit will have to take a Panic test.

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