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Skirmishers & Charging
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A unit of Skirmishers may charge an enemy that is visible to at least one of its models when charges are declared. In which arc the enemy is charged is determined as normal.

When a unit of Skirmishers charges, each model is moved individually, starting with the model closest to the charge target, as shown in Fig 186.1. Each model moves as directly as possible towards the charge target in order to make base contact with it and form a fighting rank. Models that cannot make base contact with the charge target must form up behind the fighting rank, as shown in Fig 186.2.

Fig 186.1 - 1. The Skirmisher closest to the formed unit is moved into base contact.
Fig 186.2 - 2. The remaining Skirmishers move. Seven can make base contact with the enemy, forming a fighting rank. The eighth model cannot make base contact with the enemy so forms up behind the fighting rank.

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