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Types of Magic Item
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There are six categories of magic item: magic weapons, magic armour, talismans, magic standards, enchanted items and arcane items.

Magic Weapons: Most often swords, but also axes, maces, spears, bows and so forth. A magical weapon is a great boon to a warrior.

Magic Armour: Helms, shields, breastplates, even partial and full suits of armour, all can be ensorcelled in some way.

Talismans: Talismans, charms, amulets and wards are tokens of magical protection.

Magic Standards: Be it an honoured relic of a famous regiment, a fine tapestry blessed by a priest, or even the head of a mighty beast stuck on a pole, many standards are quite magical.

Enchanted Items: Many magic items are rather unique in design or of a very particular type, such as rings, amulets, magic boots, and so forth. These items are enchanted items.

Arcane Items: Be it a spell book, a scroll, even a wand or staff, these are items carried by Wizards to increase their powers or enhance their knowledge.

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