Source: Warhammer: The Old World Online Rules Index

The Turn Sequence
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Each player's turn is split into four 'phases', each consisting of four steps referred to as 'sub-phases'. These sub-phases are explained in greater detail in the following sections:

  1. The Strategy Phase
    During the Strategy phase, the active player attempts to cast Enchantment or Hex spells and makes use of certain special rules, before attempting to rally any fleeing units.

  2. The Movement Phase
    The Movement phase starts with the declaration of charges and of charge reactions, then the movement of charging units. After this comes compulsory movement. Finally, any remaining movement is carried out and Conveyance spells are cast.

  3. The Shooting Phase
    During the Shooting phase, the active player shoots with those units in their army armed with missile weapons, with their war machines, and attempts to cast Magic Missile and Magical Vortex spells.

  4. The Combat Phase
    During this phase, units fight in deadly hand-to-hand melee and Wizards attempt to fend off their attackers with Assailment spells. Units that have lost combat may be driven back or become broken and flee. At the end of this phase, once all combats have been resolved, the active player's turn ends.

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