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Meeting Engagement
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It is not uncommon for two armies to cross paths unexpectedly and immediately deploy from Marching Columns into battle lines. More often than not, the fighting starts while rear elements of the armies are still marching towards the battlefield. In such a sudden clash, there is little time for careful consideration or planning.

This scenario represents a battle fought between marching armies, in which the outcome can hinge upon the timely arrival of reserve forces and where the initial battle lines can be most uneven.


Place terrain as described.


Once the battlefield has been set up, the winner of a roll-off chooses which player will deploy the first unit. The winner of this roll-off must also choose their deployment zone (A or B), as shown on the map opposite.

Before deploying their army, each player rolls a D6 for each unit, including each character and war machine, in their army. On a roll of 1, the unit must be held back as reserves (see below). Once a roll has been made for each unit, those that are not held in reserve can be deployed. Players deploy their armies using the alternating units method.


First Turn

Once deployment is complete, the winner of a roll-off takes the first turn. The player that finished deploying their army first adds +1 to their roll.

Game Length

The battle will last for six rounds, until one side concedes, or until the time limit agreed by the players is reached.

Scenario Special Rules

Reserves: Reserves are not deployed at the start of the battle. Instead they can enter play during the Compulsory Moves sub-phase of any turn – other than the first – of their controlling player's choosing. When they arrive, reserves may enter the battlefield from any point on the long battlefield edge within their deployment zone, and move on using the rules for reinforcements.


Once the battle has ended, use Victory Points to determine which player is the winner.

Historical Recreation

The Drakwald Forest incident was a battle fought between two armies of the Empire from rival provinces towards the end of a civil war that had raged for a thousand years. The army of Reikland should include a Witch Hunter, representing the firebrand Dietrich Haslav, whose actions arguably sparked the incident. In addition, the Reikland army should include at least one unit of Greatswords to accompany its General, a captain representing Magda Rassel, and might also include one unit of Flagellants to represent the Witch Hunter's followers. The army of Talabecland should be led by a captain, representing the famed Leonard van Obelmann.

Both armies should include plenty of State Troops, the better to represent two forces on patrol. Both armies may include war machines. Ideally, neither should include any knights (of any type) or Wizards as there is no suggestion any were present.

Finally, to better capture the nature of the battle, units arriving as reserves that are arrayed in Close Order or Open Order formations should be deployed in Marching Columns.

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