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Dwarfen Mountain Holds
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Unit NameMWSBSSTWIALdTroop Type
Anvil of Doom----75---War Machine, Character
—  Forgefather & Anvil Guard364454359
Bolt Thrower----63---War Machine
—  Dwarf Crew333343239
Cannon----73---War Machine
—  Dwarf Crew333343239
Daemon Slayer3734535410Heavy Infantry, Character
Dragon Slayer3634524310Heavy Infantry, Character
Dwarf Warrior343341219Heavy Infantry
—  Veteran343341229
Engineer345442229Heavy Infantry, Character
Flame Cannon----63---War Machine
—  Dwarf Crew333343239
Bolt Thrower----73---War Machine
—  Dwarf Crew333343239
Gyrobomber143454229Monstrous Creature
Gyrocopter143453229Monstrous Cavalry
Hammerer353441319Heavy Infantry
—  Royal Champion353441329
Ironbreaker353441219Heavy Infantry
—  Ironbeard353441229
Irondrake344441219Heavy Infantry
—  Ironwarden345441219
King3744534410Heavy Infantry, Character
Longbeard353441219Heavy Infantry
—  Elder353441229
Miner343341219Heavy Infantry
—  Prospector343341229
Organ Gun----73---War Machine
—  Dwarf Crew333343239
Quarreller333341219Heavy Infantry
—  Veteran334341219
Ranger344341219Heavy Infantry
—  Ol' Deadeye344341229
Runelord364453339Heavy Infantry, Character
Runesmith354442229Heavy Infantry, Character
Shieldbearers35-4-(+3)23-Heavy Infantry
Troll Slayer3433412110Regular Infantry
—  Giant Slayer3534413210
Thane364452339Heavy Infantry, Character
Thunderer333341219Heavy Infantry
—  Veteran334341219