Source: Warhammer: The Old World Online Rules Index

Warriors of Chaos
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Unit NameMWSBSSTWIALdTroop Type
Aspiring Champion453442438Heavy Infantry, Character
Chaos Chariot---554---Heavy Chariot
—  Chaos Charioteer (x2)-534--418
—  Chaos Steed (x2)73-4--31-
Chaos Dragon66-7(+1)(+6)46-Behemoth
Chaos Knight-53441418Heavy Cavalry
—  Champion-53441428
—  Chaos Steed73-4--31-
Chaos Lord473554659Heavy Infantry, Character
Chaos Marauder443331316Regular Infantry
—  Marauder Chieftain443331327
Chaos Ogre632443237Monstrous Infantry
—  Champion632443247
Chaos Spawn2D6304533D610Monstrous Infantry
Chaos Steed73-4--31-Heavy Cavalry
Chaos Troll631543234Monstrous Infantry
Chaos Warhound Handler553441418Regular Infantry, Character
Chaos Warhound740331316War Beast
Chaos Warrior453441418Heavy Infantry
—  Champion453441428
Chimera640654365Monstrous Creature
Chosen Chaos Knight-53441429Heavy Cavalry
—  Champion-53441439
—  Chaos Steed73-4--31-
Chosen Chaos Warrior453441429Heavy Infantry
—  Champion453441439
Daemon Prince675654759Monstrous Infantry, Character
Daemonic Mount84-5-(+1)32-Monstrous Cavalry
Exalted Champion463543548Heavy Infantry, Character
Exalted Sorcerer443442328Heavy Infantry, Character
Forsaken5404413D38Heavy Infantry
Gorebeast Chariot---554---Heavy Chariot
—  Chaos Charioteer (x2)-534--418
—  Gorebeast (x1)64-5--23-
—  Chaos Dwarf Handlers (x3)34-3--219
Manticore65-5-(+4)54-Monstrous Creature
Marauder Horseman-43331316Light Cavalry
—  Marauder Horsemaster-43331327
—  Warhorse83-3--31-
Sorcerer Lord453443438Heavy Infantry, Character